Neighborhood Chef takes pride in catering for your events, birthday parties, workshops and business lunches. They love to design custom menus just for your event. It’s just another opportunity to showcase their professionalism and unique food techniques. They are also extremely excited about the line of sauces, marinades and seasonings they plan to offer for online sales and bring to a supermarket near you.

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About Us

Neighborhood Chef was established in 2017 on the heels of many years of traditional southern food preparation and creative new school food expression. Founder and CEO, Chef Lonnie has close to 20 years of professional kitchen experience. He has mastered the art of fried meats and BBQ grilling. Neighborhood Chef’s other half, Chef Betiea has loved the art of cooking since a child and loves to express her creativity through unique flavor combinations and food plating and photography. Together they have blended many of their individual techniques and built a repertoire for golden fried foods, innovative cooking creations and foods bursting with the most unique, soul quenching flavors. Additionally they have begun taking great strides to provide more health conscious menu items for their customers.

Chef Lonnie
Chef Betiea

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